Welcome to dot2dot land !

To count up to 30
To count up to 50
To count up to 100 and more
Dots-to-dots - for the experts
ABC's dot2dot

CONNECT THE DOTS and color !

It's time to get your pencils and crayons !

Connect the dots to create drawings and you will see a surprise at the end !

Last updated : February 9th

join the dots from 1 to 30 join the dots from 1 to 50 join the dots from 1 to 100 and more

Then, Color them in with crayons, markers or pencils.

Now you're an ace with numbers and also an artist !

Dot to dot must be one of the best ways for younger children to learn how to hold a pen and at the same time count in sequence.
Use the printable pages below and help your kids through the numbers to show a picture or something at the end which can be coloured in.

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